2009 Making It Home – The Kickapoo Valley: A Wisconsin Cultural Tour for K-12 Teachers

The 2009 WTLC tour explored the beautiful and rich cultural area of rural southwestern Wisconsin, examining land and water issues and seeking a deeper awareness of how people connect with this place.  Over five days participants became immersed in a variety of multi-disciplinary indoor and outdoor experiences such as:

  • Experiencing firsthand the unique geology of the Driftless Area
  • Meeting local residents whose farms were claimed by a never-completed dam project 
  • Paddling one of the country’s oldest and most scenic rivers with guided commentary
  • Touring the Cheyenne Valley, where a rural African-American community was established in the 19th century
  • Learning about the organic farm movement and the area’s co-operative heritage
  • Meeting artisans who find inspiration in the striking beauty of the area’s valleys, ridges, and hills