Bigger Projects

Teachers associated with Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture have incorporated local culture pedagogy into their teaching.  Here are some examples: 

Bridging Cultural Gaps between ESL Students and American Students

Barron High School: Teachers Kim Frandsen and Esa Kohi

A Barron High School ESL project had Somali, Kenyan, Mexican and American students talking to each other about their cultures. Displaced by a civil war beginning in 1991, Somali refugees have moved to the Twin Cities in large numbers. Many have continued on to Barron to work in the Jennie’O Turkey Store. The population of Barron is now about 15% Somali, a big change for this small town. This lesson was developed by Barron Area School District’s ESL coordinator Kim Frandsen and ESL aide Esa Kohi to bridge cultural divides between students. 


Outdoor Project Facility Development

Harshaw 2nd graders used local culture to design a structure for their outdoor classroom.


Local Culture and Identity in the Upper Midwest

Many papers, slide shows and videos created by UW-Madison students studying such local culture icons as the Friday night fish fry, lefse, and Sheepshead.