Field Schools

2015 Home Place Field School

Over the course of five days in June 2015, eighteen k-12 educators participated in a multidisciplinary, hands-on professional development workshop and used place-based and situated learning approaches to investigate a variety of cultural communities in a city, village, suburbs, unincorporated communities, and rural areas in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District west of Madison. Headquartered at Clark Street Community School in Middleton, nine two-person teams:

  • Visited and documented people and places in the local community through faculty-led tours
  • Received focused instruction on fieldwork skills and techniques from professional folklorists
  • Conducted independent fieldwork on a topic of their choice
  • Developed a media product or implementation plan they could take home and use in their own classrooms, museums, or organizations
  • Participated in whole group sessions on how fieldwork can enhance the study and presentation of local cultures