The Greenbush Game

On the Greenbush Game

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Design Criteria for the Greenbush Game

Design Criteria: The Greenbush Game

  • Past-present-future
  • Interesting (compelling stories, photos, people, facts available)
  • Answers challenge (what should happen to the Greenbush?)
  • People to interview (lots of NPCs, not just buildings, organizations, and math problems)
  • Fits map, creates an efficient walk
  • Representative (a balance)
    • Important themes, events, impacts
    • Ethnic/religious groups
    • Inclusive (disabilities, children, students, etc.)
    • Variety of activities-occupations-recreations in all time periods
    • Existing buildings/destroyed area
  • Includes math (survey, etc.)
  • Includes some people we interviewed

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The Greenbush Game