On Recreation

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Sledding at Indian Lake

The sledding hill was my favorite part of the trip. We even made up a team called Team Five with Kyle, Martin, Juan Pablo, and me. Most of the time when I went, I crashed, but I didn’t really care We got to roast marshmallows, which tasted very good. I don’t think any of mine tasted the best because I kept burning mine.


Sledding with Spirit
(But not Grace!)
By MacKenzie and Sarah
Zooming, speeding
Down the hill
It’s smashing!
We’re crashing!

Sportsman's Lodge

Transcription: Leroy Haag, President

“Before hunting season we tell the guys we got to prepare for the game feed, and that gives them a couple of months. Then they come in and let us know what they got. . . . We got elk, we got a lot of roasts. And what I’ll do is like tomorrow we’ll put them in a marinade till Saturday and we slow cook it. We cook it real slow and that’s the trick in doing game.

“What we try to do is we got a whole lot of wild game recipe books. What we’ll do is pick something out of there and we’ll experiment a little bit with it, first, but we try to make it so we have something a little bit different every year. Always try something new. This year we’re going to do some pheasant and turkey, instead of roasting them were going to take the breasts out and when we’re done we’ll cut little wedges, like you buy at McDonald’s or wherever, and we’re going to roll them in flour with some spicing and we’re going to brown them and deep fry them. They get done real fast and if you cut them in real narrow wedges, they’ll get nice and tender.”

Firemen's Angell Park Speedway

Angell Park is owned by the fire department. They also have a midget car race every year. A midget car is just like a regular car except just littler, and it doesn’t have any windows. They usually don’t crash, but they do sometimes. Bob said they cost about $30,000. A lot of famous people come to drive in the cars, like Bob Marley. He was a pro racer for a team.


At Angell Park in Sun Prairie there’s a racetrack where they race midget cars. We met the owner of the place. He said some of the best NASCAR racers have raced in midget cars at Angell Park. I remember he said that both Jeff Jordan and Tony Stewart have raced there. At Angell Park they also have the midget car hall of fame. They have little gold plates all over the wall. They all have a name and picture carved into them. The owner said that midget cars cost a lot of money, usually about $4,000. There is another kind of car called a quarter midget car that doesn’t cost that much.


Angell Park is owned by the firemen in Belleville. The hall of fame goes back to 1984. The park was donated to the firemen in 1982. People raced horses in Angell Park in 1947, before it was donated to the firemen. Sometimes they have receptions upstairs in the bar.


Colonial Club Adult Day Care Center

The Colonial Club is an organization for people with mental or physical disabilities. Some of the people there can’t talk, but they still can play cards. To keep them company, we played cards with them. The two games we played are kings’ corner and euchre.

Here are the rules to kings’ corner. You lay four cards down, and then you put things above them (in numbers) on those piles. Aces are 1s. If you get a king, you put it in the corner. The colors have to alternate. If you have an empty space, you can put cards underneath others.


When you walk into the Colonial Club, it’s like you’ve entered the past. Just the furniture and the setting make it look that way.


Polka Lesson at 3D Dance Studio

In Deerfield, we met a class of other fourth-graders. We went to the dance studio for polka lessons. Some of us danced with people in different classes, but nobody danced with the opposite gender.


The polka is a dance people do at weddings. There are three kinds of polkas, and we learned the easiest one. It was still a little bit hard. In this dance you stand on your toes for the first part and they start to hurt.


The polka is a very common and old dance. It is a really simple dance. You mostly use your legs.